Damien Hewetson featured in Architects’ Journal

‘Photos from this time could be historically significant’

Damien Hewetson featured in Architects’ Journal

Damien Hewetson featured in Architects' Journal

Damien’s photography work has gained national attention throughout the Coronavirus pandemic and pursuant lockdown. Not only are the photographs unique in their own standing, allowing the residents of London and the UK as a whole to see the streets of London without people, but going forward are likely to become historically significant. This is a fact noted by the magazine Architects’ Journal, who approached Damien in order to conduct an interview. They mention in their article:

“Coronavirus has put a freeze on the regular rhythm of things, but we are still keen to feature and promote the work of photographers – and rather than bring you their silent imagery, we have asked a handful of regulars and those previously unfeatured to explore what life as an architectural photographer is like in lockdown.”

The article was published in May 2020, and can be read in full here.

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